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*Happy Valentine's Day!*

Valentine's Day has traditionally been the day when couple's call to mind their affection for each other and show it by exchanging gifts, and celebrating their relationships with intimate dinners and luscious desserts. It is also celebrated at a more elementary level by children exchanging cards and sometimes candy or cupcakes.

The history of Valentine's Day goes back to St. Valentine himself and even in its roots the two sided celebration of the day can be found: the innocence of youthful, childish love, and the passionate emotions of grown-ups.

To represent the more serious side of Valentine's Day, we introduce our intimate menus. We have a menu specifically geared for her to make for him. It is certain to please any man with a good appetite. It is well to remember the old saying that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Alternatively, what could be more romantic that a guy doing his level best to provide a romantic meal for his favorite girl? We have put together the perfect intimate guy for girl menu. This menu will allow the rugged guy to show he can be thoughtful at least one day of the year!

Okay, so your romantic dinners for two are behind you, at least until the kids go off to college. How about a Valentine's Day meal for six designed to please the munchkins as well as the adults? We will give you some ideas to set a new tradition with a family Valentine's Day meal.

Valentines Day
-Valentines History
-Intimate Menu (Her to Him)
-Intimate Menu (Him to Her)
-Family Valentine Menu

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