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Valentine's Day Intimate Menu (Her to Him)

The old saying about the best way to a man's heart continues to be true. A guy loves good food, and he is going to also love the person who provides it. Most guys also have a fondness for beef. Any maiden wishing to please her sweetheart should consider putting a slab of beef on a plate, preferably cooked to perfection.

Our first intimate Valentine's Day Menu (from her to him) calls for broiled steak with a bourbon sauce. Remember when looking for a good steak, find one that is well-marbled (with little strands of fat going through the meat), this will help ensure it stays tender when cooked. With regard to tender steaks, "you usually get what you pay for." Another rule of thumb, cook steaks fast and roasts slow.

To go along with the steak, serve the ever elegant Roasted Asparagus with Feta and Bacon. The bacon will contrast nicely with steak, while the asparagus will give the ever necessary touch of green vegetables, tasty and healthy.

No meal is complete without a starch. A menu geared for "him" must, of course, contain potatoes. We give a choice of two different possibilities, broasted potatoes or simple baked potatoes. Either way, these potatoes are a great complement to the main course.

A nice tossed salad for before (or if you prefer to eat in the French style, after) the main course will go over well. Accompany this with a domestic ale, and dessert. Dessert is where you can give your romantic side free reign. You have softened him up with man food. Now it is time to show him by sheer contrast how delightful the soft side can be. It is time for something light and delicate. We have chosen a flaky crusted, custard filled pastry called Napoleons. But the twist on this exquisite offering is that it is meant to be eaten sans fork, with the hands!

This whole set piece should be surrounded with atmosphere - candles (unscented), two on the table should be sufficient. Serving plates and silverware can be more substantial. China may be too light. Beer glasses for the ale, rather than steins or mugs. A cloth for the table is optional, but cloth napkins will add a touch of class. Flowers? Hopefully, the guy will be thoughtful enough to provide. But an entire bouquet in the center of the table would be too much. Remove one or two flowers from the arrangement and place in a small handy vase. Appropriate dress? We will leave that to you.

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