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If there is one annual event where the same succulent dishes are demanded by diners, it is Thanksgiving. What would this celebration be without the smell of roast turkey wafting through the house? What would "Uncle Jim" say if he could not slather cranberry sauce over the top of the brown meat? There must be gravy and mashed potatoes! These are the dishes that make Thanksgiving a memorable feast:

Roast Turkey is a basic requirement. It was present at the first Thanksgiving in 1621, and it should grace your table this "Turkey Day". (A new tradition of using a deep fryer might also be considered.)

Whether you cram it into the turkey or serve it on the side, stuffing will leave your guests filled and happy.

Mashed Potatoes can be prepared in a variety of ways, but you will find garlic mashed potatoes to be the ones most frequently scooped up and plopped onto bulging plates.

Potatoes require a great slab of butter or better yet some gravy which can also be poured over meat and even biscuits.

A specific vegetable has not been generally accepted by Thanksgiving celebrants, but there are some excellent candidates for the post. At your next thanksgiving try fried peas and mushrooms.

Cranberry Sauce is tangy and wild. It imparts a uniquely American flavor to Thanksgiving.

Don't forget to include some potato muffins to sop up any extra gravy and push mounds of delicious food onto your fork. Try potato muffins!

There are many possibilities for topping off your annual feast. We have a few suggestions for dessert.

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