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Party Games for Children

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Simon Says

The simple game of Simon Says is not only fun, but it is a good exercise in listening. Children are notorious for hearing what they want to hear. This game rewards cardinal virtues of patience and understanding as many other games do not.

To begin the game, use a convenient line on the floor or on the grass and have the players line up behind it. Have an adult or child with mature sensibilities be "Simon". Simon stands a good distance from the line, at least ten feet, but no greater than forty. Simon makes commands for the players to move forward a certain distance or to perform some act, for example "hop twice". If the command is preceded by "Simon Says" then the players may do as directed. If the command is not preceded by the statement then anyone obeying it is sent back to the starting line. The first player to reach a line upon which Simon is standing is the winner.

Variation: When someone obeys the command that is not preceded by "Simon Says" they are eliminated and the last person remaining is the winner. This version, however, does not allow all players to participate for the entire game.



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