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Party Games for Children

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Red Light/Green Light

The perennial classic, Red Light/Green Light, has been thrilling young children for generations. It requires quick reflexes, good timing and a sense of fair play.

Choose a field of play where there is a straight line. Choose one player to be the "traffic light". The players line up behind the line and the traffic light stands some distance away from the line (from 10 to 40 feet). The traffic light begins by facing the players. At this point the light is considered to be red, the players are not allowed to move forward on a red light. The traffic light now turns away and shouts, "Green Light!" The players all move toward the traffic light. After an arbitrary time period, (no less than 2 seconds and not more than 10) the traffic light shouts "Red Light!" and then turns around.

Any player caught moving after the light turns red is sent back to the start. The first player to tag the traffic light, or conversely, cross a designated line now becomes the traffic light.



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