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Party Games for Children

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Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

One of the keys of a good party game for younger children is to combine simplicity with excitement. Duck, Duck, GOOSE fills these requirements admirably.

Have all the children (preferably all should be under 8 years-old) sit in a circle except one who is designated the "fox". The fox walks about the outside of the circle tapping each child on the shoulder or head saying "duck" for each person. At a point of the fox's choosing he shouts "GOOSE" and taps the next child. Then he runs as quickly as he can around the circle. The "goose" then chases the fox in the same direction the fox is running. If the fox reaches the gap left by the goose in the circle and sits down before he is tagged, he is "safe" and the goose becomes the new fox. If the goose tags the fox, the fox must again rome about the circle.

The more children involved in the game, the better. The minimum number of players for an interesting game is 7.

Variation: Instead of the fox continuing to be it if he does not catch the goose, he must go to the middle of the circle (also called the "mushpot"). The goose then becomes the fox. The player in the mushpot must remain in the center of the circle until another fox fails in chasing the goose and is relegated to the mushpot him/herself.



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