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Party Games for Children

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Blindman's Buff

Like most children's party games, Blindman's Buff is a simple game that does not require too much in the way of equipment, merely a blindfold and an ample playing field.

The basic game of Blindman's Buff requires that a person be blindfolded. He or she is usually referred to as the "blindman". The blindman is spun around three times while the other players find a place to stand in the room. Once positioned, these players are not allowed to move their feet. However, they may contort their bodies to avoid being touched. The blindman moves about until he touches a person.

Having touched a person, the blindman, by feeling his or her features (in a modest way), must then guess who the person is. If the blindman guesses correctly, the tagged player then becomes the blindman.

Variation: Instead of the blindman moving, he might stand in the middle of the room while the other players form a circle around him in an orderly fashion. When the blindman orders, "stop", all the players stop moving. The blindman then points and asks, "Who is there?". The person thus pointed to then must pronounce the words, "It is me." The player may disguise his or her voice. The blindman must then guess the identity of the player. If he guesses correctly, the selected player now becomes the blindman.

History: Blindman's Buff has been around for at least 2000 years and probably longer. It is known to have been played in Greece about the time of the Roman Conquest. It has gone by various names. In Spain it is known as "Gallina Ciega" which means blind hen. In France it has a more marshall name, "Colin-Maillard", the name of a French Lord who continued to fight in a battle (laying about him on all sides with his sword) even after he had been blinded.



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