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In J.K. Rowling's book The Prisoner of Azkaban (page 228) there is a scene when 13 set down to a table to eat a luncheon. Professor Trelawney is aghast at the unlucky number and tells those seated about that the first one to rise will be the first to die. Rowling does not tell us every dish that was served at this meal, but she does come out with a couple of the dishes, so that you you can reproduce a meal that was served at Hogwarts. Your own little witches and warlocks will be surprised at how substantial this meal is.

When Harry Potter sets down to the meal he digs into roast potatoes. Professor McGonagall tells Professor Trelawney that they will risk the bad luck signified by the thirteen diners.

Professor Trelawney goes on about her "All-Knowing" abilities. It is at this point that Professor McGonagall "pokes a large spoon in the nearest tureen." She asks, "Tripe, Sibyll?" This is a sly insult as tripe, in this case, is a soup made from the guts of a cow and though it tastes fine it has also come to mean "balderdash or baloney" as if the speaker is full of nonsense.

The final clue we have of the contents of the meal is when Dumbledore offers chipolatas to a first year boy, Derek.

We can also assume that there was bread at this meal. I am not sure what wizards have against vegetables, but they were not mentioned as being present at the table of 13. Here we might hope for something nutritious, like steamed broccoli. At the end perhaps they partook of a simple dessert.

The scene ends with Harry and Ron getting up from the table at about the same time. Professor Trelawney insists on knowing who was the first to rise (and also be the first to die). Then Professor McGonagall intercedes, "I doubt it will make much difference," said Professor McGonagall coldly, "unless a mad axe-man is waiting outside the doors to slaughter the first into the entrance hall."

As by book six, the only character enumerated as being at the table who is dead is not Harry or Ron, we see that yet another of Professor Trelawney's predictions has failed to come to pass.

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