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How to Care for Dinnerware

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Storage of Dinnerware

Storage of dinnerware can make a great difference to its continued lustre and useful life.

1. Because the "underrims" of dishes are unglazed, they can scratch each other when stacked. Because of this, it is best to separate each stacked plate or bowl with a paper towel or a piece of fabric.

2. Try to avoid putting more than six plates or bowls in the same stack. Dinnerware can be heavy and cause cracking to the dishes bearing the most weight. Even so, most dinnerware is designed to be stacked and placing like dishes together will alleviate some of the load on the bottom pieces. Rather than stacking, dishes can be stored upright in racks.

3. Cups are a special case. They do not bear stacking well as the handles and rims can easily be chipped. They are best stored by hanging them by their handles from plastic-coated hooks or storing them in preformed foam lined containers.

4. Other than cupboards and racks, plastic storage containers can be used to store dinnerware. Be sure to separate each dish with cloth or paper towels. Plastic containers do make it easier to transport dinnerware, but also subjects it to the risk of jostling and dropping. So, be careful!

5. Be sure not to store plates where there are rapid temperature changes, such as in sunlight or near heat ducts. The continual expansion and contraction of the plate's structure can cause cracking and "crazing".

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