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How to Care for Dinnerware

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Care of Antique Dinnerware

Beyond the usual cleaning and storage procedures for dinnerware, antiques require extra-special attention.

1. Hand washing is definitely recommended for antique dinnerware. The chemicals in dishwashing detergent and the jostling delivered by dishwashing machines can create problem for fragile antiques that have been hand painted. Their structure is generally weak due to years of usage.

2. When handling antique cups and other dinnerware with handles or spouts, grip by the middle or most substantial part of the piece.

3. Plates should be handled broadly from the bottom rather than by the rim where the weight of the plate can create undue stress.

4. If an antique piece is broken, refrain from trying to fix it yourself. Common glues can cause discoloration or may not be appropriate for the type of porcelain in question.

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