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*Baked Yams*

4 yams
1 tablespoon shortening

Many people think that yams and sweet-potatoes are the same thing. Actually, sweet-potatoes may be grown nearly anywhere in the country, while Yams are tropical and generally are grown in warmer regions of the country.

For easy baked yams that go well with a Christmas ham, rip off four sheets of aluminum foil, just big enough to wrap the yams. Smear shortening (you can also use bacon grease for this operation) all over the yam and wrap tightly in the foil.

Bake yams in 375 degree oven for about 1 hour. They can probably safely cook for considerably longer, if necessary or desired.

You may also try wrapping each yam in a strip of bacon. Be careful how you wrap the yam, make sure that any openings are toward the top. Place a pan on the rack below to catch any dripping. If you stab the tuber to test for doneness expect some bacon grease to drip.

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