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*Elegant Christmas Menus!*

Tradition is one of the great things about Christmas. Yet traditions must come from somewhere. You will find in these menus the foundation for a great Christmas here and now and also in the future. When your family asks, "Can we please have Roast Goose again this year!" you will know that you scored a hit.

Some of these recipes take time, care and precision, but each one is worth the effort. And if no one else complements you on your wonderful meal (but I am sure they will) then you, yourself can enjoy a repast that only comes around once per year. And when the meal is over, remind your guests of the considerable efforts you have put forth by saying, "I cooked, you clean!"

Here are a few menus we have put together for a Christmas dinner to remember:

Thank You Mr. Scrooge! Any reader of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" will remember that after Mr. Scrooge found the "Christmas Spirit" he purchased a goose to personally deliver to the Cratchets. Here is what is on the list:
Stuffed Goose With Gravy
The Stuffing for the Goose
Creamed Onions
Baked Asparagus

Pass the Rabbit Laura. The "Little House on the Prarie" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder dipict the charm and the travails of life on the American frontier. In the winter of 1879 the Ingalls family stayed in a surveyor's house by "The Shores of Silver Lake". Their Christmas there was a happy one and here is a close approximation of the feast they shared there.
Roast Rabbit
Bread and Onion Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Johny Cake

Of course, they could not procure fresh vegetables on the frontier. You might want to add some steamed peas or carrots - just for color (or nutrition).

As for dessert, we will leave that to your discretion. Our list of choices can be found at the Christmas Dessert's Page.

For wines, consider a white with the Goose (preferably chardonay) and a light red (or possibly merlot) with the Rabbit. A nice beer will go with either meal. Try a stout with the Rabbit. Goose requires a lighter brew, either an ale or even a red.

If you have an elegant Christmas menu and recipes that you would like to see grace these pages, please send your suggestions to Holiday Recipes. They do not necessarily have to have a theme from a 19th century novel (but it would be nice).

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