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*Down-Home Christmas Menus!*

Regular down to Earth meals tend to be filling and satisfying. Christmas is a day upon which to celebrate and to be satisfied with life. Our staff has put together a menu that reflects this attitude. It is certain to become a Christmas tradition:

Ham and Yams is easy to prepare, fun to eat, and provides enough leftovers for a couple of sandwiches during the week after Christmas. Here is what is on the list:
Baked Ham
Steamed Peas (frozen peas in the microwave for 3 minutes)

Eat this meal at the kitchen table surrounded by the ones you love best.

We'll let you choose your dessert from our dessert menu. You may even wish to skip dessert altogether and go right to the Christmas Cookies.

If you have a favorite Christmas menu (with all the recipes) that you would like to appear on these pages, please send your suggestions to Holiday Recipes.

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