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Pan-seared Steak

Pan-seared steak is a great way to enjoy a nice steak in the middle of winter or a rain storm when it is too nasty outside to grill. But you don't have to wait for inclement weather. It tastes good even on a sunny day. Best served with frontier mashed potatoes or perhaps spicy mashed potatoes and some fresh asparagus.

3/4-inch steak (your choice of cut)
2 tablespoons butter
dash Tone's Canadian Steak Seasoning
3 tablespoons sherry
1 teaspoon dried parsley
1 tablespoon cut chives

Put cast iron skillet on medium heat. Add a thin slice of butter to coat the bottom. When pan has heated to the point where you can feel the heat rising about 8 inches off the pan, toss on the steak. Quickly season with Tone's. (If you don't have Tone's on hand, you can use a bit of salt, black pepper, a bit of red pepper, and garlic.) Sear one side for about 4 minutes, turn steak and sear other side until the steak reaches desired doneness. (For medium, this will be another 5 minutes or so.)

When steak is done, set it on plate and cover with a piece of foil. Add butter, sherry, parsley and chives to pan. Cook for about one minute. Pour over steak and serve immediately.

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