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Cast Iron Cooking

Cast iron cooking is not so much a culinary art-form as it is a way to create tasty down-home meals in a traditional manner. Cooking with cast iron is considered by many people a style of cooking from the southern states. But cast iron has also been used and loved in other regions. I can remember as a northern raised boy my grandmother creating meals for her extended family almost entirely in cast iron.

Cast iron cookware comes in a wide variety of shapes and styles - pots, pans and other appurtenances. But truthfully, a few basic items is all a cook needs to produce some wonderful dishes. Caring for cast iron pots and pans is much easier than most people think, and the small effort is repaid by a natural non-stick surface for cooking.

The history of cast iron cooking is almost as old as cast iron itself. Its culinary benefits have long been known. The ability to fry, saute, bake, and stew evenly, in spite of an uneven heat source was a prime factor in its early popularity.

We have put together a series of recipes using cast iron.

Blackberry Coffee Cake
Pan Seared Steak
Skillet Roast
French Toast
Southwest Chicken Salad
Shrimp Rigate

A side health benefit of cast iron cooking is that some of the iron from the pans actually gets on the food and may be healthful for most people. One of the greatest benefits of cast iron is its low cost. Frying pans are especially inexpensive. If they have one major disadvantage it is their weight makes them a little harder to handle for those not used to them.

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