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4th of July Menu

Try to keep your menu for your 4th of July Barbecue simple and scrumptious. We advise serving typical summer food. Serve with a nice white wine (Chardonay) or a quantity of light beer (Amstel). Start your spread with a long banquet table borrowed from church. Throw down a nice table cloth (you might have to tape or weight the edges. For this feast, your best china is not necessary, but don't go too cheap on the paper plates.

Here is what we suggest:

Pork Chops with the bone in, grilled, make a great main course. They are succulent, juicy and mouthwatering. (Substitute Chicken Breasts if you have a philosophic objection to pork.)

Corn on the cob is a perenial summer favorite. Hopefully, it is more than knee high by the Fourth of July. If not, procure some from your local grocer. At least two ears per guest should be considered.

No All-American feast would be complete without the appearance of grilled baked potatoes.

Corn Muffins are a fine addition to the meal. You can buy these in a packaged mix, to make your life easy. Or you can try our recipe to construct them from scratch.

For a salad, the addition of sliced cucumbers, with some shaved onions and cherry tomatoes in an oriental rice vinegar will go over well.

You can't have guests without offering a dessert. A sweet at the end of it all balances the meal. We have a couple patriotic offerings to choose from.

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