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Grilled Baked Potatoes

You can cook nearly your entire meal on the grill if you wish. With Grilled Pork Chops and Grilled Corn you can have grilled baked potatoes. It really is a simple process. It is just a matter of timing!

8 - 12 whole potatoes
aluminum foil
sour cream
etcetera (toppings of your choice)

Clean and wrap potatoes in aluminum foil. Have grill on low heat. Put potatoes on top rack. Cover, cook for about one hour. Stab potato with fork to test for doneness. This sounds as simple as can be, and in truth it is. But coordinating it with a meal that is to be entirely grilled can create some minor concerns. First, this is best done with a gas grill were heat is more even and more consistent. Second, be sure that your potatoes are entirely done before you begin cooking meat or corn or virtually any other dish.

Potatoes on the top rack can cook for a very long time if necessary. It is difficult to get them overdone. However, it is very easy for them to be not done if the meat is begun to early. Waiting for potatoes to become soft inside while the meat is either burning or getting cold can create chef-anxiety and guest tut-tutting.

Serve potatoes, still wrapped in a bowl, with side condiments of your choice, the most popular being sour cream, butter, chives, salt and pepper. However, you may add bacon bits, fresh garlic, cheese and many other items. You are only limited by time, effort and expense. Just remember that it is often best not to give your guests too many choices as this can hamper serving and get quite messy.

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