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4th of July Desserts

There are a couple of theories about dessert presentation. Some people think it should be a simple and elegant end to a perfect meal. Others think it should be a spectacular end to a spectacular feast. Obviously, the Fourth of July requires a spectacular end, rather like the grand finale' of a fireworks display.

Here are a few suggestions from our pool of recipes:

Apple Pie is the traditional american dessert for all occasions. You are unlikely to have pippins or some spies from your own tree just yet. However, excellent MacIntosh can surely be procured from your local grocer.

Raspberry Peach Cobbler is a beautiful way to end the meal. It's tangy fruit combined with the sweet crustiness of the dumplings make this a satisfying treat.

Blueberry Crumble topped with a dose of icecream and with a cherry on top will reveal your true colors.

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