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Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is perhaps the most looked forward summer treat. No barbecue would be quite right without it. It can be cooked in one of two ways. If you have enough room on the grill, place the un-husked cob on the grate. Cover for 5 minutes, turn, cover and wait 5 minutes more. Or, you can resort to the traditional method.

8 - 10 ears of corn
1/8 cup sugar
dash black pepper (fresh ground)
dash salt

Husk corn. Make sure you get off most of the silk, or the kids are going to complain. Place corn in large pot. Sprinkle in sugar. Cover over corn with water. Turn burner on high. Bring corn to boil.

All you are really trying to do is to heat the corn on the outside, the cob, in the middle, being un-edible. However, you have a lot of lee-way with corn. It can be kept warm in the pot for even a few hours. Yet it is best to serve it from a platter, as it is nice to have it cool somewhat before serving. Each individual should butter and spice to taste.

Regarding the sugar in this recipe. It is thought, especially in Asian cultures, that there should be a balance in the spices of various dishes or among dishes. The added sugar enhances the sweetness already inherent in the corn itself. The salt added later, then balances the sweetness and gives the corn an intensity it would not otherwise have. It is an interesting concept, but it is enough to know that it just plain tastes good.

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